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Advent Course 2021

Christmas Surprises

Who doesn’t like a surprise at Christmas? But do you expect to be surprised by Christmas? Looking again at the Nativity narrative by unpacking and contrasting some familiar and unfamiliar carols, we realise anew how the birth of Jesus breaks down barriers, turning, and continuing to turn, the world upside down.

Revd. John Bell of the Iona Community wrote in the forward to his book of carols ‘Innkeepers and Light Sleepers’: “My hope is that by coming at the story from a different angle, or by allowing the characters to speak in a distinct way, it may be possible both to grasp the earthiness of the people in the Christmas story, as well as the mystery of the incarnation.”

Course content

One booklet each week for the four weeks of Advent will contain the lyrics of one traditional carol and one modern carol, reflections, prayers, related bible passages, questions for discussion in online home groups or personal reflection, pictures and illustrations for meditation, suggestions for action, family and/or friends’ conversation starters, and craft ideas. The booklets are intended to be suitable for all ages and will be accompanied by a CD recording of the carols and printed sheets where needed. The whole course (to include booklet material, recordings and printable sheets) will also be available via email. A craft bag with some of the materials for the suggested crafts will be available on request.

Course themes:  Week 1 - Occupation, Week 2 - Nobodies, Week 3 - Disturbance,  Week- 4 Promise.


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